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I love to create one-of-a-kind works of art!

There was a time that large canvases would scare the hell out of me. Seriously, all that WHITE canvas staring back at me, it was intimidating. NOW, I look at a large canvas and can't wait to fill it with inspiration, ideas, and juicy vibrant colors. No two paintings are ever the same. And it's so important to put your passion and love into what you are painting because that comes through to the viewer, it really does. So even if you are painting something similar to what you've painted before, be sure to capture that original spark of creation on the canvas, because it shows...



As artists, we all handle commissioned pieces differently

I wanted to share my process with you because maybe it will help you on your next commission. Then again, maybe you're an artist with a better way, I would like to hear your process. Or, maybe as a collector, you want to find out how I do things, because you want a painting made especially for you, your home or office. It's easy to do, just contact me here and let's get started! Or finish reading and come back here!

So, I begin by taking copious notes and sketches and I listen, I listen a LOT to what my collector wants, so I can make their vision or dream become a reality. If the collector is not local, then ask for a color swatch or photo's of the room so you can get a sense of their style and visualize what they want. I like to use a matching 5% 'spice' color of their decor and incorporate it into the painting to tie it all together. Ideally they will provide a swatch for you to work from, as color monitors are rarely ever correct.


If your client is local

Then visit the home and bring your color charts! Include 5% of a color (spice color) from their home furnishings or textile, into the painting so it ties in nicely with their decor. Be sure to bring a tape measure and double-check your measurements, be mindful of light switches, etc. On a LARGE painting, be mindful of corners or ceilings that may not be square. If things are NOT square, try to incorporate that into the design if possible, this will help mitigate things and not make it so noticeable. Take reference photos of the area, get a sense of their space and style. Sketch, take notes, listen and take photos of color swatches against the decor.

You will find yourself referring back to your notes, sketches and photos more than once or twice - guaranteed. It's so important to listen and re-read those notes so that you and your collector are on the same page and you create something SPECIAL TOGETHER.


[caption id="attachment_3350" align="aligncenter" width="850"]large commissioned abstract wave painting by Deb Breton Gorgeous, large 36 x 80 commissioned painting, titled "Infinite Motion" by Deb Breton. It's perfect for this collector's seaside home![/caption]


"Infinite Motion" a commissioned painting

My collectors have great taste! They had seen " Element: Water " a smaller 24" x 24" painting I did, and wanted it in a similar style, but larger and horizontal, not square.  This larger painting is the focal point of their living room which overlooks the water in their beach home on Bodega Bay.


Some of the project along the way

Gesso the canvas video

Sanding the canvas video


Only a few more things left to do before laying down an isolation coat and varnish, then let it all cure. Next we'll wire the back for hanging, and lovingly package it so it's ready for transit and install in its new home! I love being a creative and enjoy working with people to make their vision come true. It doesn't matter what size you want, no commissioned painting is too large, or too small. So if you're ready to collect that perfect painting to turn your house into a home, I hope you'll join my family of collectors who mean so much to me.


[caption id="attachment_4056" align="aligncenter" width="750"]commissioned painting in clients home Here we are celebrating, in my collector's-turned-friends, beach house. "Infinite Motion" is a custom piece that they commissioned me to paint. It measures 36" x 80".[/caption]


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  1. Looks like a celebration...such a wonderfully vibrant and joyful painting. Enjoyed reading your commission process and the use of a "spice" color...brilliant! I no longer do commissions but still enjoy seeing how others handle them. Thank you for sharing your beautiful creation and giving us a peek behind the scenes. Peace.

  2. Thank you for stopping by Haunani, I'm glad you enjoyed reading about the process! Your words touched my heart, thank you. I really do enjoy commissions, I get such a kick out of watching a collector's face light up when they see their painting!!


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